The Top Ten Tech Jobs of 2019

handshake - The Top Ten Tech Jobs of 2019

So, you are about to decide which path is best to take for a career in tech. Before you start considering what you want to do, you should probably attend a couple of industry workshops and conferences while you are at it.

In the meantime, you can have a look at some of the best tech jobs of 2019. These should give you an idea of what to expect in each specific role.

#1 Data Scientist

In general, you will be working with data and making the most out of it. You’ll be responsible for retrieving data and the analysis thereof to ensure a business is performing the best it possibly can. You might also be responsible for the development of AI tools.

#2 DevOps Engineer

If you like to have more hay on your fork than the next person, being a DevOps engineer is the best position for you. You’ll have to multitask and work with developers, operators and IT to manage code releases.

#3 Electrical Engineer

As an electrical engineer you will be responsible for the evaluation and implementation of electrical systems, components, applications and products. This will be achieved by conducting research and applying your knowledge of electrical systems.

#4 Mobile Developer

If you are someone with a keen interest in building apps, this job is for you. As a mobile developer you will be responsible for the building of apps for iOS or Android, or both. It is similar to the role of a software developer, but you will focus on building mobile software.

#5 Product Manager

As a product manager you will be responsible for developing new products. You’ll have to be a curious individual who loves conducting research and staying on top of potential new products. You’ll be at the helm of the entire product development process too.

programmer - The Top Ten Tech Jobs of 2019

#6 Front-End Engineer

While working in the back end focuses on functionality, the front end focuses on what it looks like. As a front-end engineer, you will be in control of implementing all visual elements in specific applications and programs.

#7 Site Reliability Engineer

A site reliability engineer is responsible for identifying and managing asset reliability risk. The role is responsible for the efficient performance of all aspects within the IT department. It incorporates all aspects of software engineering and applies it to general operations.

#8 Hardware Engineer

As a hardware engineer, you will be responsible for the hardware configuration of computers. You’ll update systems by improving layout, design and specific components in computers. In a nutshell, you will be responsible for the effectiveness of machines used in your company.

#9 Software Engineer

There are many different roles and jobs within this category. You’ll have mastered one or more coding languages and use it in all areas of development including operating systems, networks or specific applications.

#10 QA Manager

As a quality assurance manager, you’ll be at the helm of the development team. You will be responsible for the drawing up and implementation of quality standards, procedures and specifications. You’ll be in charge of defining testing norms and supporting the development team.

Does any of the jobs listed here jump out to you? If so, be sure to have a look at upcoming industry workshops and conferences to attend. We wish you all the best for your future in tech!

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