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Trivia: 8 Interesting Uses of Technology in Everyday Life

laptop news - Trivia: 8 Interesting Uses of Technology in Everyday Life

The tech age is not going anywhere. And we’re quite happy with that. Thanks to technology we’re living in a world of connectivity, where the click of a button can cross a million miles. Yes, there are many great uses for tech, but how does it impact our daily lives?

In this post we’ll have a look at eight interesting uses of technology. Let’s jump right in.

1. Vehicle for Communication

This is probably the most obvious one we’ll mention here. Before we had smartphones and tablets, we either had to use the landline or write telegrams and letters to loved ones. Now, we can use email, social media and quick text apps to stay in touch with family and friends.

entertainment - Trivia: 8 Interesting Uses of Technology in Everyday Life

2. Go-To for Entertainment

If you think of entertainment, you probably think about Netflix, movies, YouTube. All of these are not offered on the same vehicle of tech but all of them share the same thing; they are a source of entertainment. Whether you enjoy driving to the cinema or watching video clips on YouTube, thanks to technology you can do so!

3. Managing Our Homes

The internet of things has given birth to a new way of living. We live in a time where we can set our appliances and security systems up without even being at home. Some appliances even allow you to do your shopping. Thanks to technology, our lives are a whole lot easier.

4. Our Go-To for Traveling

In the past you’d have to go to a travel agent to plan and book an overseas trip. Nowadays everyone can be their travel agent simply by using the web to book your flight and accommodation. The internet is filled to the brim with loads of travel and booking companies, all ready to make your booking.

education - Trivia: 8 Interesting Uses of Technology in Everyday Life

5. Education at our Fingertips

Before we had the internet, we had encyclopaedias and the library. Nowadays, if you want to learn a new language or do some research on a topic or history, you do it via the internet. Thanks to technology, education is freely available to everyone who can access it.

6. It’s Our Ultimate Time-Manager

Gone are the days of keeping a calendar and writing down notes about important dates. We look to our Google Calendars and sync it with all our other applications to know what is happening when, where, and what time. We have private assistants in the palm of our hands thanks to tech.

7. It’s a Source of Transportation

This is not quite in the same league as any of the uses here, but still a great one to mention. Thanks to springs, we can travel and commute. Did you know that springs are one of the key things when it comes to cars and other forms of transportation?

desk - Trivia: 8 Interesting Uses of Technology in Everyday Life

8. It Helps us Manage our Finances

Thanks to internet and card-less banking solutions, we can now manage our finances from our phones, tablets or laptops. Make payments, receive payments, buy groceries, you name it, you can do it. It sure beats spending a day at the bank taking care of business!

Tech brings a lot of joy to our daily lives. But it also has its place. Developers and product managers are constantly looking at ways to develop and enhance certain products and software to improve our lives. We need to know how to use it correctly.

10 Fun Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Technology

snow phone - 10 Fun Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Technology

So, you think all there is to know about tech, do you? We’ve found some of the most interesting (and amazing) facts about tech you probably didn’t know. Like for instance, did you know that Apple sold approximately 340 000 iPhones per day in 2012?

For some more interesting facts and trivia, continue reading this post! These are great facts to share with tech-challenged folk or even to break the ice at a party.

1. First VCR was Massive

The very first VCR was the size of a piano, and it was made in 1957. Imagine having a VCR in your house taking up more space than the television set? Thank goodness for the pace that things change! Now we can enjoy streaming videos from something that takes up no physical space.

firefox - 10 Fun Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Technology

2. Where Firefox Got Its Name

Southwest of China and in the Himalayas lives an odd type of panda. It is called a red panda, but when it is directly translated into English, it reads ‘Firefox’. And that’s where this popular browser got its name from.

3. The Most Common Name in 2012

Back in 2012 when the iPhone was a big hype, almost 17 new born babies were called Siri. These were of course all girls. Other interesting baby names include Apple, Archie, Dell and Hal. Who could’ve thought that people would be inspired to name their babies after tech products?

4. Origins of Robots

The origin of words can be very interesting. In this case, the word Robot comes from the Czech word ‘robota’. When translated, it means forced labour. If that isn’t food for thought, I don’t know what is!

iphone - 10 Fun Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Technology

5. Lots and Lots of iPhones

Did you know that there are an estimated 700 million iPhones around the world? The world’s population as it currently stands is at 7.4 billion. This means about 9.4% of the world’s population owns an iPhone device.

6. Save Ink by Changing Fonts

If you print large amounts of paperwork, consider using a slightly thinner font! That’s right, even though designers use specific fonts for specific reasons, you can control the amount of ink your printer uses simply by changing the font.

7. QWERTY is Made to Type Slower

Legend goes that the QWERTY keyboard was designed back in the day of typewriters. The letters were strategically placed to ensure typists would slow down. They found that those who typed faster would struggle with keys getting stuck due to use.

8. The World Functions on Digital Currency

92% of the world currency is digital and only 8% of the world’s money is notes or coins in banks. The large percentage of digital currency are also mostly stored by financial institutions as well. It makes sense if you think about all the electronic transfers.

9. New Zealand is Tops for Testing

A lot of tech companies do their test runs in New Zealand. This is largely due to the diversity of the country, word won’t get around on products tested to be found not up to standard due to the isolated nature of the country, and the residents speak English.

waterproof - 10 Fun Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Technology

10. Waterproof Smartphones

Did you know that 90% of smartphones in Japan 90% are completely waterproof? This is because the majority of smartphone owners and users living in Japan even take their handy devices into the shower and use them while showering.

And that’s a wrap! Did you know any of the facts we’ve shared here? We hope you enjoyed them and that you’ll have some interesting information to share at your next social event.

6 Undeniable Benefits of Technology for Business

folder - 6 Undeniable Benefits of Technology for Business

Thanks to the digital age our world is getting smaller every day. There are loads of benefits we experience in our daily lives thanks to tech and IT, but what about businesses? How does everyday suppliers or service providers benefit from technology?

In this post we’ll take a look at the most undeniable benefits of technology for businesses. Let get started.

#1 Boosts Productivity

There are loads of programs and applications out there that aids small businesses in managing teams and ultimately focus on increasing productivity. This in turn ensures your team is agile and that deadlines are met, without fatigue or inefficiency.

Think about programs like Asana where teams can collaborate and efficiently manage projects in one place. There are of course loads of other similar programs all geared to increase your employees’ productivity.

#2 Allows More Collaboration Opportunities

Before the internet of things and the tech age took over, people worked hunched over typewriters in cubicles. Now they can communicate with one another while simultaneously getting work done. Teams are encouraged to brainstorm and work together on projects.

Once again, Asana is a great tool for this too. But there are other examples, like Slack, Skype and WhatsApp to name a few.

#3 Provides Safe Storage

Companies can safely and securely store their information thanks to IT and technology. By using programs and cloud storage spaces like Dropbox are ideal for small companies or even bigger corporations to store their files and intel safely.

There are loads of these applications and cloud storage solutions out there. From Mozy to OneDrive, you’re more than likely to find a safe place to share and store documents.

customer - 6 Undeniable Benefits of Technology for Business

#4 Improves Customer Experience

Thanks to social media, businesses are now able to bridge the gap that used to exist between the client and the company. You can have open discussions with your clients, while they can contact you directly and provide valuable feedback and insights on their experience of your product or service.

There are also a ton of automation tools that will help you better manage these interactions. Companies like Buffer and Hootsuite are great for improving customer experience.

#5 Saves Time and Money

While your team can increase their productivity, and your company can improve its efficiency by using any of the great tech tools out there, you will also be saving time and money. Whether you are using project management systems or software to increase agility, at the end of the day your company will benefit from it.

All the tools that are developed are there to assist you in running your business efficiently and allows you to focus on increasing your revenue.

#6 Leverage as Marketing Tool

And last but not least, businesses can utilise a bunch of tech tools and platforms for marketing. Think about social media platforms, email campaigns and more. You can even place paid ads on Facebook or Google Ads to reach your ideal audience.

Even if you don’t have a budget for marketing, just having a presence on these platforms will already count in your favour.

There you have it. The world of business is off for the better while utilising some of tech’s greatest applications and programs.

Land Your Dream Tech Job with These 6 Foolproof Interview Tips

interview - Land Your Dream Tech Job with These 6 Foolproof Interview Tips

Nothing is more intimidating than walking into an interview. Whether it is your first time or your umpteenth time, everyone gets a little nervous, it’s quite normal. Not to worry, we’ve come up with the top six tips that will make sure you land that dream job!

1. Do Research on the Company

First things first. After you get the call or the invite to go to the interview, you’d better hit the web and do some research. You should know everything there is to know about the company before walking in without being prepared.

It will help calm the nerves if you are a bit prepared, but also help you come up with great questions to ask your interviewer.

man - Land Your Dream Tech Job with These 6 Foolproof Interview Tips

2. Dress Appropriately

Next, you want to create a great first impression. While every company has its own set of rules when it comes to dress code, you have to look neat and presentable. You don’t want to get there in shorts and flip flops for your interview.

By putting some effort into your appearance, your interviewer will see that you are serious about the position and respects the opportunity to be there. Remember, first impressions last.

3. Be Punctual

The saying rather late than never is not applicable at all in interview situations. Remember what we said about first impressions? Well, being on time is the first thing, next to your appearance, the interviewer notes that.

If the company is in an area you are not familiar with, travel there the day before and note how long it takes to get there.

4. Have a Set of Questions

This ties in with the first tip, you need to do some research on the company beforehand. There is always a part during the interview where the interviewer will give you an opportunity to ask some questions. Remember, the position should fit you too.

Do some research on the company and come up with a couple of relevant questions beforehand. This will ensure you don’t sit in awkward silence and regret not asking something important later on.

team - Land Your Dream Tech Job with These 6 Foolproof Interview Tips

5. Honesty is the Best Policy

Now, while it is a very intimidating situation, you have to be honest. In everything you respond to or answer, always be honest during the interview. This rule applies to your strengths, weaknesses as well as your experience and skills. Sell yourself, but don’t oversell.

If you cannot answer a question, think of a way you would approach getting to the answer. Stay calm and think on your feet.

6. Smile, be Positive

Lastly but most importantly, you have to be friendly and approachable. Interviewers often prefer candidates who are enthusiastic and shows interest in the company and the role. It might be intimidating, but breathe, try to stay calm, and be friendly.

Don’t overdo it or appear like you are faking it. Just relax, be yourself and mention that you would love joining their team.

And there you have it. That’s some of the basic tips to ace any interview. We know how stressful it can be when you first start job hunting. Even though it is difficult, keep your spirits up and remain friendly and positive, at all times. Good luck!

The Top Ten Tech Jobs of 2019

handshake - The Top Ten Tech Jobs of 2019

So, you are about to decide which path is best to take for a career in tech. Before you start considering what you want to do, you should probably attend a couple of industry workshops and conferences while you are at it.

In the meantime, you can have a look at some of the best tech jobs of 2019. These should give you an idea of what to expect in each specific role.

#1 Data Scientist

In general, you will be working with data and making the most out of it. You’ll be responsible for retrieving data and the analysis thereof to ensure a business is performing the best it possibly can. You might also be responsible for the development of AI tools.

#2 DevOps Engineer

If you like to have more hay on your fork than the next person, being a DevOps engineer is the best position for you. You’ll have to multitask and work with developers, operators and IT to manage code releases.

#3 Electrical Engineer

As an electrical engineer you will be responsible for the evaluation and implementation of electrical systems, components, applications and products. This will be achieved by conducting research and applying your knowledge of electrical systems.

#4 Mobile Developer

If you are someone with a keen interest in building apps, this job is for you. As a mobile developer you will be responsible for the building of apps for iOS or Android, or both. It is similar to the role of a software developer, but you will focus on building mobile software.

#5 Product Manager

As a product manager you will be responsible for developing new products. You’ll have to be a curious individual who loves conducting research and staying on top of potential new products. You’ll be at the helm of the entire product development process too.

programmer - The Top Ten Tech Jobs of 2019

#6 Front-End Engineer

While working in the back end focuses on functionality, the front end focuses on what it looks like. As a front-end engineer, you will be in control of implementing all visual elements in specific applications and programs.

#7 Site Reliability Engineer

A site reliability engineer is responsible for identifying and managing asset reliability risk. The role is responsible for the efficient performance of all aspects within the IT department. It incorporates all aspects of software engineering and applies it to general operations.

#8 Hardware Engineer

As a hardware engineer, you will be responsible for the hardware configuration of computers. You’ll update systems by improving layout, design and specific components in computers. In a nutshell, you will be responsible for the effectiveness of machines used in your company.

#9 Software Engineer

There are many different roles and jobs within this category. You’ll have mastered one or more coding languages and use it in all areas of development including operating systems, networks or specific applications.

#10 QA Manager

As a quality assurance manager, you’ll be at the helm of the development team. You will be responsible for the drawing up and implementation of quality standards, procedures and specifications. You’ll be in charge of defining testing norms and supporting the development team.

Does any of the jobs listed here jump out to you? If so, be sure to have a look at upcoming industry workshops and conferences to attend. We wish you all the best for your future in tech!

The 7 Best Tech Events You Need to Attend This Year

crowd - The 7 Best Tech Events You Need to Attend This Year

Tech conferences and events are the ideal opportunity for networking and learning about the latest news and developments in the world of tech. Especially for those who have graduated recently. While it may seem like a bit of a drag to those introverts out there, attending an event can be very rewarding.

We’ve found the next round of top tech conferences hosted all around the globe. So, if you find yourself in the vicinity of any of these, better get your ticket and attend. Who knows, you might end up getting an investor for your tech startup.

1. Big Data Week – London

This incredible event is not to be missed! If you are all about data, you’ll want to attend any of the community events hosted around the world. The official event takes place in London, where data professionals will be able to learn and share the latest on data news and developments.

Date: 5 October 2018

conference - The 7 Best Tech Events You Need to Attend This Year

2. IP Expo – London

The ultimate of tech events and workshops, you cannot afford to miss out on this one. Attend some of the seminars, visit exhibitors’ stands all while you learn and network during this event. It’s a fantastic event for IT experts, security specialists and CIOs.

Dates: 3-4 October 2018

3. Fog World Congress – San Francisco, USA

Known as the world’s largest fog conference gathers IT leaders from around the globe. The ultimate culmination of IT and industry, you’ll be happy to know that one of the keynote speakers is none other than Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder.

Dates: 1-3 October 2018

4. Business of Software Conference – Boston, USA

Not in San Francisco to catch the Fog World Conference? Why not go to the Business of Software conference in Boston? Attend seminars and learn from your peers and idols. The event attracts entrepreneurs and industry experts alike.

Dates: 1-3 October 2018

laptop man - The 7 Best Tech Events You Need to Attend This Year

5. IT Arena – Lviv, Ukraine

Be sure not to miss this exciting 3-day event in Lviv. You’ll be able to rub shoulders with some of tech’s smartest and most successful entrepreneurs. You might even be able to find a trustworthy partner while you are busy working the floor. Or attend any of the 90 informative talks by keynote speakers.

Dates: 28-30 September 2018

6. Restaurant and Bar Tech Live – London

The world of tech is constantly improving the way we do things, including how we run and manage restaurants and bars. At this top-rated tech event restaurateurs will be able to explore the latest in tech systems and services that will change the way they do business forever.

Dates: 25-26 September 2018

7. Open Networking Summit EU – Amsterdam

The world’s biggest open networking and orchestration event will be held in Amsterdam. Here you will be able to network with some of the world’s leading technical and business leaders while discovering the latest developments in open networking.

Dates: 25-27 September 2018

Even if you can attend only one of the events we’ve mentioned here, it will be well worth it. These are ideal opportunities for graduates to get to know the industry and its people – so don’t miss it! You may even find your startups first investor or partner while attending any of these events.

Top Tech Gear You Need to Own

tv - Top Tech Gear You Need to Own

Updates on devices are a given. It is very easy to get out of touch with the latest gadget as developers and tech companies are constantly improving their products. The big question is, which product should you buy? Not to worry though, we’ve got your back.

In this post we’ll give you our selection of the must-have tech gear. This includes everything from earphones to smartphones and more.

appletv - Top Tech Gear You Need to Own

#1 Apple TV 4K Streaming Box

Get the best movies and series via iTunes when you get your own Apple 4K TV streaming box. You’ll have access to high-quality HDR and 4K movies and shows, at the same price than any other HD content. This gadget may however be a bit more expensive than other options out there, but it is well worth it.

#2 Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

For those who love to read, the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is an absolute must. It’s pretty standard, but comes with all the bells and whistles you need in a great e-reader. The e-reader has a built-in light that allows you to read anywhere and in any light.

ipad - Top Tech Gear You Need to Own

#3 Apple iPad

When it comes to tablets, we’re suckers for Apple’s 9.7-inch iPad. The latest version lives up to immaculate iOS standards with instinctive software, a high-resolution screen and of course a massive collection of apps. If you get the latest version you’ll even be able to use the Apple pencil on it.

#4 Wireless Earbuds

While there are many products on the market, we’d suggest you invest in a set of Jabra Elite 65t wireless earbuds. These will last up to five hours if charged fully, and is perfect for everyday use. That’s right, whether you are at the gym or work, Jabra’s Elite 65t will be your perfect sound buddies.

And there you have it! Our top selection of the best tech gear you have to get. Which gadget would you not be able to live without? We’d be lost without an iPad, and those handy wireless earbuds.

The Top Four Tech News Apps You Need to Get

app back - The Top Four Tech News Apps You Need to Get

Keeping in the know of the latest tech news can be a bit difficult. The world of technology is changing at a rapid pace on a daily basis, making being on top of things at all times near to impossible. But, as you can imagine, tech already has a solution for this dilemma!

Yes, now we can download tech news apps and get all the latest info instantly. In this post we take a look at our pick of the top four tech news apps out there today.

1. News Republic

For all the latest in tech news, News Republic is the way to go. The app allows you to select your news topic, namely tech, and select your source of preference from a dropdown menu right there. You’ll also be able to scan and delve into other news topics like politics or world news.

The apps algorithm will pick up on your preferences and you’ll be able to select top sources to follow. All-in-all a must-have app for any tech news.

mobile ap - The Top Four Tech News Apps You Need to Get

2. Feedly

Probably one you are already familiar with, Feedly allows you to tap into breaking news, no matter what niche you are interested in. If it’s your first time downloading the app and creating your account, you’ll be able to select your specific areas of interest.

Simply select Tech and your feed will be filled with tech news from some of the most reliable tech news sources out there.

3. Drippler

Drippler is awesome to be in the know of tech updates and handy tips and tricks for your device. The app automatically detects what kind of device you are using to create the account, and will provide you with custom content related to your device!

Yes, it is important to stay in the know of all tech news, but what can be more convenient than getting news related to your device straight on your device?

whats - The Top Four Tech News Apps You Need to Get

4. TechMeme

Even though this is not technically an app, it is still one of the greatest sources of tech news to date. On the home page you will find snippets of the latest in tech news, and be able to customise the way you consume it. If you are only interested in the headlines, click on the River link.

While you won’t be able to download an app for TechMeme, you will be able to add it as a source of preference in Feedly.

And that’s a wrap, whether you want to know what’s the latest in the world of robotics or VR, these top apps will keep you in the know for sure!